Feminine Connection
Yin Yoga & Moon Meditation
Planetary Tuning Fork Healing
Menstrual Cycle Embodiment
Intention Setting & Journalling
Ceremonial Tea
Wholesome Treats
Ritual Gift Pack

Empower yourself during wholesome nights of connection to your womb wisdom and your sisters. 

We will journey together while we reconnect with our innate wisdom as women. I will aim to educate you during our time together and help spark the fire of connection to your Devine feminine.

What is included:

We will sit in circle and enjoy wholesome nights of connection to our womb wisdom and our sisters. Nourish your yin through yoga and experience the magic of Acutonics planetary tuning forks throughout.

Whilst I guide you through a building and restoring yin yoga class, I will flow through the class providing specific womb healing Acutonics treatments.

Acutonics is an integrative sound healing modality combining Chinese Medicine Wisdom with the Science of Sound. Tuning forks are placed on certain meridian points and organs around the body to attune the flow of Qi, Jing and Shen.

Towards the end of the class, I will guide you through a moon mediation followed by intention setting and journalling to assist you in harnessing the potential of the moon's energy. We will also enjoy wholesome treats and herbal tea whilst we have a supportive and nourishing conversation about menstrual cycle wisdom.

I look forward to connecting with my earth sisters and sharing this innate wisdom of connection to the divine feminine.


Thursday 3rd March

Thursday 31st March

Thursday 28th April


5-8pm (3 hours)


Kirra Community Hall (on top of Kirra headland)


$333 (early bird price)

$555 (full price - after 27th Feb)

including a ritual gift (valued at $100)

** please reach out if you need to arrange a payment plan, I want this to be accessible to everyone



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