Skin safe, reef safe, entirely natural sun cream.


This cream is designed to create a physical, water-resistant barrier on your skin that protects you from the sun's rays. It is designed to protect but also allows you to absorb a percentage of the rays, allowing your body to adapt to the seasonal changes and intake your healing vitamin D. 


Carrot seed oil is a key ingredient in our sun cream and is known to have a SPF of 40. Zinc Oxide  is a natural, water-insoluable (meaning water cannot penetrate it) mineral. This beauty creates the substance to the cream and repells the sun's rays. 


Bees wax, shea butter and cacao butter create a protective, water repellent layer on the skin, assuring the cream will stay on in the surf. It is recommended to reapply if spending many hours soaking up the summer sun. 


The cream is tinted with cocao and macca powder and can be used as an everyday face cream if desired. All ingredients are beneficial for healing of the skin.


Pair with our natural zinc for the perfect summer surf combo.


Ingredients: cacao butter, shea butter, zinc oxide (non-nano), cacao powder, macca powder, bentonite clay, almond oil, beeswax, carrot seed oil, patchouli oil, vitamin E oil

Natural Sun Cream 120ml