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Don't wash your face straight after sweating!

Don’t wash your face straight after sweating!!

This might sound crazy to you, what about the bacteria on the skin? I’m all sticky and gross!

Well, in Chinese Medicine we say that after sweating (possibly from a yang style exercise), you should let your body naturally cool down first before wetting the face or any skin for that matter.

The reason: when we sweat, our pores will naturally open. When our pores are open and we put water on our skin, the cold dampness (water) will enter into the skin and completely stagnate/block the flow of Qi in the area. This will create dampness in the surface layer under our skin where our protective Qi lies, leading to puss and pimples! This is especially important in winter when our pores are naturally tighter due to the colder environment as the dampness will be easily trapped under the skin.

We are so conditioned to think that bacteria is bad our skin. Especially if we have acne prone skin, we are told we should be cleansing and killing the bacteria. But when we use harmful chemicals and vigorous cleansing, we aggravate our skin causing more inflammation. AND not to mention in removing that 1% of ‘bad’ bacteria, we also eliminate the 99% of GOOD bacteria that is important in helping our skin’s flora balance and return to harmony.

My great-grandmother used to say a simple splash of cold water on the skin every morning was the secret to good skin health. Simplicity is key when it comes to our skin. A splash of cold water followed by a good quality, natural oil (like our face serum) is the perfect way to start any day.

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