When we as women attune to the cyclical energies both internally and externally, magic occurs.

As a menstrual cycle educator and holistic healer, my heart is filled when I help women connect with their innate womb wisdom. Our menstrual cycles have an immense amount of information to share with us, all we need to do is tune in. I am here to teach you how. 


Ceremonial Drink
Wholesome Snacks
Ritual Gift Pack
Womb Wisdom Book
Women Connection
Yoga & Meditation
Menstrual Cycle Education
Intention Setting & Journalling

In a 3 month immersion, meeting twice per month with the new and full moon, a group of women will come together to learn the innate wisdom of their womb. We will spend a night in connection with ourselves and each other, experience expression through yoga, meditation and dance. Here I will teach and also embody right beside you the pathway to your own feminine essence. 

Women nurturing women.



Healing Plan

Tarot Card Reading

Customised Ritual Pack

Cyclical Awareness Diary

Monthly Healing Calls (online or in-person)

2 x Holistic Healing Sessions (Full Moon and New Moon)

My aim in this mentorship is to support you in finding connection to your cyclical nature as a woman. I will teach you the tools to attune to the changing energies both internally and externally around you.

In this mentorship I will provide menstrual cycle education along with specific advice for your unique cycle. We will delve into emotional mastery, meditation and breathing techniques, rituals, wholesome diet and holistic lifestyle changes. 

We will start with a consultation where we will assess your current health intentions and create a healing plan accordingly. Here I will do an intuitive tarot card reading for the 3 month journey. 

We will have monthly healing circles (online or in person) where we will have an intimate moon circle with intention setting, clearing and releasing and manifesting for your cycle each month. 

You will receive two Holistic Healing Sessions (Full Immersion) to use when you choose, either at the start or end of your 3 month immersion. We will do these healing sessions with the full moon and new moon of the same month to invite the wisdom of the moon to assist in our release and manifestation. 

You will also be gifted an individualised ritual pack to use throughout the 3 months to assist in your healing and connection to yourself. Along with a cyclical awareness diary to plan your months to your cycle not the calendar. 


$444 (payment plans available)


Menstrual Cycle Education
Moon Connection
New Moon and Full Moon Practices
Ritual Gift Pack
Womb Wisdom Book
Cycle Awareness Diary

With a number of women reaching out who cannot attend my women's moon circles, I am putting my energy into create an online experience for you.

This will include videos on topics covered around menstrual cycle education, moon connection, holistic health, diet and lifestyle and more.

You will receive a practice video for the new moon and full moon for 3 months (1 season). 

You will also be posted a ritual gift pack to assist you in your journey of feminine connection throughout the 3 months. This will include an essential oil roller, face serum, herbal tea, ceremonial cacao, crystals, a divine feminine book and cyclical awareness diary.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon


In-person sessions will be at Kirra on the Gold Coast.

Payments can be cash, card or bank transfer on the day of the session.

Payment plans are accepted. 

Feel free to contact me for more information or to book.