When we as women attune to the cyclical energies both internally and externally, magic occurs.

As a menstrual cycle educator and holistic healer, my heart is filled when I help women connect with their innate womb wisdom. Our menstrual cycles have an immense amount of information to share with us, all we need to do is tune in. I am here to teach you how. 


Feminine Connection
Yin Yoga & Moon Meditation
Planetary Tuning Fork Healing
Menstrual Cycle Embodiment
Intention Setting & Journalling
Ceremonial Tea
Wholesome Treats
Ritual Gift Pack

Empower yourself during wholesome nights of connection to your womb wisdom and your sisters. 

We will journey together while we reconnect with our innate wisdom as women. I will aim to educate you during our time together and help spark the fire of connection to your Devine feminine.


3 x Holistic Healing Sessions (2 hours)
Inner Earth Alchemy ritual box
Cyclical living planner
Fortnightly support calls

This mentorship allows us to intimately journey together for 3 months. During this time, I will guide you to develop a stronger connection with your cycle through holistic menstrual cycle education. I will teach you how to listen to the wisdom of your womb and live in a way that supports your feminine nature.

Living in alignment with your menstrual cycle allows you to be active and productive but also encourages you to rest and nurture when your internal seasons change. This ensures that you rebuild your energy reserves and deeply nourish your yin so that you can flow through the month without feeling depleted. Living in this way can help release menstrual difficulties, stagnation in the womb-space, enhance your fertility and overall energy and zest for life.

This mentorship will include 3 x 120 minute womb healing sessions, a customised ritual box, cyclical living planner and fortnightly support calls.

SACRED CYCLE WISDOM - Online Immersion

An embodiment guide to reconnect with the innate wisdom of your womb.

Sacred Cycle Wisdom is a 3 month embodiment guide to support you with reconnecting with the innate wisdom within your womb. We teach you holistic menstrual cycle awareness for each season of your cycle along with practices and ceremonies to help you embody this energy.

The intention of this course is to deepen your connection with your womb, your cycle and your internal rhythm. This is a self-led online course with lifetime access. This means you can start your journey wherever you are within your cycle and can continue to revisit this embodiment wisdom.

Throughout this cyclical immersion, for each season of your cycle you will receive embodiment ceremonies, guided rituals & seasonal yoga practices, along with

holistic menstrual cycle education. You will also receive an intentionally crafted ritual box filled with our favourite ceremonial tools for you to create your sacred space throughout this journey.

To support you in integrating this wisdom, you will have access to a 3 month group container alongside other Embodied Women. Within this, you will receive a live opening ceremony, live monthly Q&A's, sister connection and individual coaching support.


Womb Care Range