Holistic Healing Session (Full Immersion)

Consultation – enquiry, education & healing advice

Tarot Card Reading

Acutonics® Sound Healing

Crystal healing

High Quality Essential Oils

Sacred smoke smudging

In this holistic healing session, I will combine wisdom from many modalities including Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Energetic Healing, Herbal Medicine, The Shamanic Arts and the Science of Sound.

We will start with a holistic consultation, discussing different areas of your life such as diet, lifestyle, mental patterning, emotions & spirituality. With my rooted knowledge, I will provide some healing advice and together, we will create a healing plan as to what next moves to make on your healing journey. I will provide holistic education about your specific chapter of life (cycle awareness, pre-conception, pregnancy, post-partum) to assist in enhancing your inner knowing.

I will draw a tarot card or animal medicine card and provide an intuitive reading for you. This may be a focus on the specific healing session, your healing journey, support through your current chapter, advice on a specific topic or a combination of these.

Using Acutonics tuning forks, crystals, essential oils, touch and possible other modalities, your healing session will be intuitively created to suit your specific intention. Acutonics® is an integrative sound healing modality where Chinese Medicine meets Science of Sound and Cosmology. Using planetary tuning forks or certain acupuncture points around the body, I will help stagnant energy within the meridian system to once again flow, bringing harmony to the body; spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

I offer holistic healing & nurturing through these particular stages of life.

  • General health (both men and women): support through all levels of the being; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual disease. Clearing stagnant energy, emotion & trauma from the body and returning it to balance and harmony. 

  • Menstrual cycle awareness & attuning: cyclical living education and coaching, working with particular organs that assist the menstrual cycle and womb space awareness & connection

  • Pregnancy preparation & fertility: attuning to the menstrual cycle with the intention to conceive, releasing intergenerational patterns & trauma stored in the body, building fundamental energy that is transferred to bub at conception, connecting to spirit, setting intentions & calling in your star seed.

  • Gentle pregnancy healings & birth preparation: simple and gentle healings during pregnancy as the energetics can be quite intense for the foetus, preparing yourself, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically (building core energy required for birth), releasing pain within the body. (1 hour is recommended).

  • Postpartum support: rebuilding your fundamental energy lost within birth, releasing your birth experience & supporting your transition from maiden to mother.

Inner Earth Alchemy – Holistic Healing Session Investment

Single session:

1.5 hours - $150

2 hours - $180

Mentorship (3 months):​

Upfront - $500

Payment plan - $170 per month or $44 per week.

  • 3 x 2hour physical healings over 3 months.

  • An Inner Earth Alchemy Ritual Box.

  • Fortnightly healing support calls.

Holistic Healing Consultation (online or in-person)

Healing Plan
Tarot Card Reading

In this consultation we will have a conversation in-person or online discussing all areas of your life; diet, lifestyle, emotions & spirituality. With my rooted knowledge, we will create a healing plan for you to follow. This will include simple lifestyle adjustments and dietary improvements to best assist you on your journey. My aim is to provide you with the tools to help you with your self healing. You will also receive a tarot or animal medicine card reading to provide some insight into your current circumstance.

In person or online.


60 minutes - $60

30 minutes - $45

Holistic Healing Mentorship (1:1 for 6 sessions)

Healing Plan
Tarot Card Reading
Fortnightly Healing Calls
Customised Ritual Box
3 x 2hour Holistic Healing Session

My aim in this mentorship is to support you in finding your own sovereignty. I hope to gift you the tools to encourage your own healing. Although the mentorship will be completely tailored to you, some of the topics included may be menstrual cycle education, emotional mastery, meditation and breathing techniques, rituals, wholesome diet and holistic lifestyle changes. 

We will start with a consultation where we will assess your current health intentions and create a healing plan accordingly. Here I will do an intuitive tarot card reading for the 3 month journey. We will have fortnightly healing calls where we will talk from 30-60minutes and I will support you where needed. Each call will include a tarot card reading.

You will receive three Holistic Healing Session (Full Immersion), one for each month. You will also be gifted an individualised ritual pack to use throughout the 3 months to assist in your healing and connection to yourself.


upfront - $500

payment plan - $170 per month or $44 per week.

In-person sessions will be at Kirra on the Gold Coast.

Payments can be cash, card or bank transfer on the day of the session.

Payment plans are accepted. 

Feel free to contact me for more information or to book.