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Acutonics Sound Medicine & Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Acutonics® Womb Healing Session

Acutonics is an integrative sound healing modality deeply rooted in the wisdom of Chinese Medicine. Acutonics uses the healing frequency of sound to guide the Qi within the meridian system and the etheric energy within our field. Acutonics is a sound immersion experience with a combination of of planetary tuning forks & chimes, shamanic medicine instruments, Tibetan sound healing bowls & gongs.

In these healings, my aim is to nurture your connection with your womb, encourage your cyclical nature, bring balance to your hormonal system and harmony to your entire body & being.

Within these sessions, I weave holistic menstrual cycle education to support you in connecting deeply with the rhythms of your internal cycle. I am strongly passionate about supporting your connection with your menstrual cycle and your cyclical, feminine nature. I will teach you the different phases & seasons of your cycle and how to embody this energy to best support yourself.

These sessions aim to support a woman through all seasons of her life:

  • General Cycle Health: Cyclical living guidance & womb healing

  • Fertility: Menstrual Cycle Awareness & conception preparation

  • Pregnancy: Gentle pregnancy healings & birth preparation

  • Postpartum: Nurturing & supporting the postpartum mother

  • Menopausal: Supporting the transition through menopause.

Womb Wisdom Mentorship (1:1 for 3 months)

This mentorship allows us to intimately journey together for 3 months with fortnightly Acutonics Sound Medicine sessions. During this time, I will guide you to develop a stronger connection with your cycle through holistic menstrual cycle education. I will teach you how to listen to the wisdom of your womb and live in a way that supports your feminine nature.

Living in alignment with your menstrual cycle allows you to be active and productive but also encourages you to rest and nurture when your internal seasons change. This ensures that you rebuild your energy reserves and deeply nourish your yin so that you can flow through the month without feeling depleted. Living in this way can help release menstrual difficulties, stagnation in the womb-space, enhance your fertility and overall energy and zest for life.

This mentorship will include 6 x 120 minutes sessions and a Cyclical Living Planner (menstrual cycle planner). This mentorship will help to clear hormonal imbalances, regulate your menstrual cycle, deepen your connection with your womb, understand your fertility cycle, bring balance to your body and educate you in understanding how to listen to the wisdom within your womb.

In-person sessions will be at the beautiful Earth Mother's Clinic in Palm Beach.

Payment plans are accepted. 

Feel free to contact me for more information or to book. 

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