A message from Jaymie

Hello, my name is Jaymie and I am the creator of Earth Alchemy. I am a yoga teacher, level 2 Acutonics practitioner and student Acupuncturist (to hear more of my story scroll down or check out our blog). I have created Earth Alchemy as a channel for my creative endeavours, matters that mean something to me and my holistic health and healing business. Earth Alchemy includes our natural, organic & eco-friendly products along with Inner Earth Alchemy which is my Yoga, Acutonics and Acupuncture section of the business. Thank you for taking your time to be here, it is greatly appreciated.



These products I have created are intended to assist in your body’s natural healing abilities. While working in the cosmetic industry I was awoken to the many lies that the industry continually flood us with to keep us under their spell. I wish to write about these topics to educate people and assist them in taking back their own sovereignty. I believe that our bodies are perfectly capable of establishing a healthy equilibrium but sometimes with our external factors impacting our bodies, a little natural help can be very beneficial. And to shine a little light on the word natural, in this case that means whole herbs, whole oils as close to their original structure with as little processing as possible (more about this on our blog).

Our Beliefs and intentions at Earth Alchemy:

  •  WASTE FREE! Our kitchen is plastic and waste free. We put in extra effort to ensure we use no single use plastic, we use only glass bottles and we buy bulk herbs where the green waste is composted in our garden.

  • SUPPORTING LOCAL! We are big believers in supporting our local communities. Hence why we put in extra thought when purchasing our ingredients and equipment. For example, we source our herbs from Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm, our glass pots from Amberpots in Brisbane and our oils from Nothing but Organic in Melbourne (unfortunately we could not find anything local to our town with such a large range but supporting Australia wide is our next best option.) Of course, this isn’t the cheapest option, but it is what sits right in our hearts.

  • ORGANIC AND NO CHEMICALS! We ensure that our products are made with only organic ingredients and contain NO chemicals. Our skin is our biggest organ which absorbs anything we put on it. It only makes sense that we should be putting only that which can be found in nature on our skin. Often when we think a product is ‘natural’ cosmetic industries will sneak chemicals in as it is easier for mass production and preservation.   

  • WHOLE-HERB OIL INFUSIONS. For the bulk of our herbs used, we use a process called whole-herb oil infusing. This is where the whole structure of the herb is left to sit in oil for 4-6 weeks where the sunlight and moonlight will assist the herbs in releasing and infusing their goodness into the oil of which we make our products with. More important information about this coming on our blog!

  • EDUCATION AND GROWTH. We understand from personal experience that unawareness is the biggest cause for uneducated choices. Hence, we wish to education and inform people on matters that are important to us with the hope that we can assist you in taking back your sovereignty.



Hello, my name is Jaymie & I thought I’d share a little about my story. I’ve been practicing yoga since my mother introduced me at the age of 14 and I quickly fell in love. I was a tall girl who couldn’t reach beyond her knees (let alone her toes). At first it was hard, my body was tight and my mind was very active but 10 years down the track I’m a completely different girl to who I was then thanks to yoga. So early 2019 I decided to take my love for yoga one step further and completed my 200Hr YTT in Rishikesh India at Vinyasa Yoga School. Since then I have been offering private and group classes. I aim to teach a more traditional, slower paced style of yoga focusing on beginning students as watching someone form the connection with yoga and it’s many benefits is something that warms my heat. Yoga is translated from transcript to ‘forming a relationship with the self’ and I believe that this is simply the best thing someone can do for their own health.

In 2017 I finished my 5 year degree in Biomedical & Mechatronic Engineering. Although I have found that this is not the career for me, during this time I discovered my interest for the energetics system of the body and found my love for Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. I quickly realised that I desired to help people more intricately and personally. Hence, I have began my journey of Acupuncture at endeavour. I aim to integrate my knowledge learnt in my degree with my yoga teaching, focusing on the meridian systems, organs and elements.

I am also undergoing Acutonics® training and am currently a level 2 practitioner (soon to be 4). This is an integrative sound healing medicine that combines the Chinese Medical System’s ancient knowledge with the science of sound and planetary frequencies to provide phenomenal healing to clients on all planes - emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. I currently offer sound healing sessions in the comfort of your own home or in my healing space. I often integrate the Acutonics tuning forks into my yoga classes.

A part from this, I love to spend time in nature, paint, surf, read books and spread laughter. I hope this has given you a little background on who I am and where I am currently heading. Feel free to message me with any interest and questions.

Have a lovely day !



Did you know that we post PLASTIC-FREE? We ensure that we use 100% compostable and zero-waste postage bags!

If you wish to take part in the recycling incentive (see underneath for more information) and post back 5 jars for a free lip balm, keep the bags! Wrap up the jars in newspaper and then pop them in one of the postage bags we have sent you, reseal it and send it back to us. No need to purchase a plastic post bag!

We also offer a LOCALS DELIVERY/PICK UP option. With the intention to reduce impact on the environment from postage services and to save you a few dollars, we offer a pick-up service. Pick up location is in Kirra, simply select the ‘pick up or organised delivery’ option in the shipping section upon checking out (see video below). 


See how to select "Locals Pick Up" option at check out. Pick up address is at Kirra, Gold Coast or Macleay Island.



At Earth Alchemy, one of our biggest values is reducing environmental impact wherever possible. Having a business that sells a product (especially beauty) is generally always going to have some sort of material consumption. That is why we have created the recycling incentive!

The recycling incentive is if you return any of the jars from Earth Alchemy, we will take $1 off your next purchase. Or, save them up and when you return 5 jars, you will receive a FREE lip balm of your choice.

If you are not local and are receiving our products via postage, keep the compostable post bags! Wrap up the jars in newspaper and then pop them in one of the postage bags we have sent you, reseal it and send it back to us. No need to purchase a plastic post bag!

Hopefully with this incentive, we can aim to reuse the jars and reduce the impact our products have on our Mother Earth.