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A little About Earth Alchemy Self Care

These products have been created from my heart to yours. After uncovering the many lies the beauty industry feed us, I left my job at an 'all natural' product company and lost trust in the entire industry. I started creating my own products so I knew exactly what was going in them and could trust that my products were benefiting, instead of doing harm. A little while later, my acne had cleared, and my skin had started to heal. I could not believe how in doing less and using less, my skin was actually improving.

After a few years of journeying into the natural product making world, I have reprogrammed my thinking to a more holistic approach on the body’s healing ability and how to use certain natural ingredients to assist it. After talking to many friends and family and doing a little research, I found that there weren’t many businesses in this realm of which I would trust. So, with my knowledge from my botanical skin care course, time in the industry, experimentation and my own intuition, I have created these products to share with others. I wanted to be able to gift others the ability to use healing ingredients on their skin with the trust that they are doing good for both their body and the environment.

I create each and every one of these bottles of plant magic with loving intention. I refuse to use preservatives and any ingredient that has left its natural state through chemical processing. I create products that are edible as our skin is our biggest organ and I would not put anything on her that I would not ingest. I am forever learning and creating, and so Earth Alchemy is forever expanding. Using only high quality, organic ingredients I aim to provide all your essential self-care needs.

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Earth Alchemy Philosophy


  • SELF-CARE. We believe that self-care is essential for everyone in every day. Nourishing and caring for yourself on all planes of being (physical, mental, emotional and physical) is a fundamental path to a healthy way of life. Every individual will resonate with different self-care rituals but here are some of our favourites. Meditation, yoga, Pilates and walking as exercise self-care. Drinking nourishing herbs, cooking wholesome meals and leaning on medicine from the earth when needed for our diet. Dry brushing, abhyanga and using our Earth Alchemy range to care for our physical vessel.  

  • WASTE FREE. With our intentions to benefit the Earth and not have a negative impact on her, we ensure our  kitchen is plastic and waste free. We aim to avoid plastic at all costs. To do so, we use only glass bottles or metal tins for our products, only glass jars for our infusions, eco-friendly and compostable packaging, biodegradable stickers and we buy bulk herbs that store in our glass apothecary. All green waste is composted in our kitchen compost. And where plastic slips in from our suppliers, we ensure we repurpose as much as possible and dispose of the remainder correctly.

  • SUPPORTING LOCAL. We are big believers in supporting our local communities. Hence why we put in extra thought when purchasing our ingredients and equipment. For example, we source our herbs from Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm, our glass pots from Amberpots in Brisbane and our oils from Nothing but Organic in Melbourne (unfortunately we could not find anything local to our town with such a large range but supporting Australia wide is our next best option.) Of course, this isn’t the cheapest option, but it is what sits right in our hearts.

  • ORGANIC AND NO CHEMICALS. We ensure that our products are made with only organic ingredients and contain NO chemicals. Our skin is our biggest organ which absorbs anything we put on it. It only makes sense that we should be putting only that which can be found in nature on our skin. Often we can be ‘greenwashed’ into thinking a product is ‘natural’ however, cosmetic industries can still sneak chemicals into your products as it is easier for mass production and preservation.


  • WHOLE-HERB OIL INFUSIONS. For our infusions, we use a process called slow whole-herb oil infusing. This is where the whole structure of the herb is left to sit in oil for 4-6 weeks where the sunlight and moonlight will assist the herbs in releasing and infusing their plant magic into the oil. This way our herbal products contain the entire structure of the plant and has not used any heat which impacts the health of the herbs.

  • EDUCATION AND GROWTH. We understand from personal experience that being unaware is the most common cause for unconscious choices. Hence, we wish to education and inform our customers on matters that are important to us with the hope that we can assist you in taking back your sovereignty. This includes creating your own products, so you too can enjoy the intuitive journey of creating something nourishing for your body.

About Earth Alchemy Self Care: About

My honest review is that I absolutely love your product, every time I wash my face it feels fresh and alive, the face oil is brilliant, my grand daughter and grand son used the face wash and love it

I've been using the Earth Alchemy for 2 weeks and my skin has completely transformed. I love the face mask base to help cleanse my skin and top it off with the incredible serum. My skin is so soft and clear.

Jackie Mac

Crystal Toohey

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