A little About Earth Alchemy Self Care

These products have been created from my heart to yours. After uncovering the many lies the beauty industry feed us, I left my job at an 'all natural' product company and lost trust in the entire industry. I started creating my own products so I knew exactly what was going in them and could trust that my products were benefiting, instead of doing harm. A little while later, my acne had cleared, and my skin had started to heal. I could not believe how in doing less and using less, my skin was actually improving.

After a few years of journeying into the natural product making world, I have reprogrammed my thinking to a more holistic approach on the body’s healing ability and how to use certain natural ingredients to assist it. After talking to many friends and family and doing a little research, I found that there weren’t many businesses in this realm of which I would trust. So, with my knowledge from my botanical skin care course, time in the industry, experimentation and my own intuition, I have created these products to share with others. I wanted to be able to gift others the ability to use healing ingredients on their skin with the trust that they are doing good for both their body and the environment.

I create each and every one of these bottles of plant magic with loving intention. I refuse to use preservatives and any ingredient that has left its natural state through chemical processing. I create products that are edible as our skin is our biggest organ and I would not put anything on her that I would not ingest. I am forever learning and creating, and so Earth Alchemy is forever expanding. Using only high quality, organic ingredients I aim to provide all your essential self-care needs.